10 Great Wedding Cocktails

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Blueberry MojitoWhen you’re planning your reception, it’s tempting to go with a simple beer and wine bar. And there’s nothing wrong with a few simple beer options, a good red, and a good white. But if you’d like to give the wedding bar a little more panache, try serving a signature cocktail. There are hundreds of options to fit your wedding season, theme, or color palette. Here are a few fun examples:

1: Blueberry Mojito

The minty freshness of a mojito plus the deep flavor and color of blueberries make this a fantastic light drink for a summer wedding or a brunch. Make it with fresh mint and blueberries for a great taste sensation.

2: Cranberry Kiss

This luscious red cocktail has the bite of a vodka cranberry, but it’s smoothed over by spiced rum and a little bit of Collins mix. With its ripe-apple color and warming rum, it’s perfect for a fall wedding.

3: Cotton Candy Cocktail

For a fun twist on the standard wedding champagne, add a tuft of brightly-colored cotton candy in every glass. The cotton candy will add a sweetness to dry champagne and a festive color that can match your décor.

4: Strawberry Bourbon Lemonade

No summer wedding is complete without a nice crisp lemonade. For the grown-ups at your wedding, use lemonade as a base for this surprisingly potent, sweet cocktail. It’s as refreshing as a dip in the lake in July.

5: Cherry Beer Margaritas

This cocktail has the same tequila kick as a regular margarita, but light beer adds a bit of sparkle and sweetness. It’s great for relaxing on the patio at a summer wedding.

6: Bailey’s Raspberry Martini

Keep your winter wedding guests warm with this creamy, luxurious mix of Irish Cream liquor and raspberry-flavored vodka. Top with a raspberry (or add frozen raspberries to the glass) to really kick it up a notch.

7: Ginger Snap

For another winter wedding cocktail, try spicing up regular eggnog with rum and ginger brandy. It has a bit of a bite to it to cut through the thick sweetness of the nog.

8: Orange Gin Fizz

This sparkling concoction can’t be beat for a wedding brunch. Plus, it has egg white in it, so it’ll give your guests a little protein to keep them going through the reception.

9: The Mistletoe

For a Christmas-time wedding, this bright green cocktail is sure to get those bells a-jingling. It has a minty peppermint freshness that’s like a grown-up version of those giant candy canes you had as a kid.

10: French 75

This champagne-based cocktail is great for a spring or summer wedding. It marries the sparkle of champagne with honey-sweetness and the subtle bite of gin. Perfect for that post-dinner toast.

Make your wedding reception truly memorable with these great signature cocktails. Sure, there will always be those fuddy-duddies who insist on beer and wine, but the rest of your guests will be grateful for a unique experience. Match your wedding colors, theme, or season with the cocktail and it’ll make even more of an impression.

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