10 Unexpected Wedding Planning Questions

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Unexpected Wedding Planning QuestionsYou’re busy planning your wedding, yet there are always little things you think of at the last moment that may send you into a panic. Reading our article will prevent you from any last moment unexpected wedding worries.

1. Will the photographer, DJ and Videographer expect food?

You think you’ve planned everything, you’ve booked the catering, agreed the prices and chosen your menu, but then a day before your wedding you panic that these people will be there all day and may well expect feeding.

The short answer is yes, plan some additional food for them, or at least check well in advance with them to avoid any problems. The other option is you’ll witness your photographer with a half-eaten, homemade, sandwich in his mouth whilst he’s snapping shots of your wedding guests.

Of course many venues will have provisions for the services you hire, it’s possible they will have worked at your Essex wedding venue before and may be familiar with the staff.

It’ll be a long day for the video guys and the photographer, so although it may seem like a small detail, check with them as early as you can.

2. Would I like my wedding guests to post my photos all over Facebook?

Social networks mean that your wedding guests could take a photo of you walking down the aisle and have it on Facebook before you’ve even said “I do.” Some people would not be bothered by this, but it’s worth having the discussion with your partner first. Not all of the photos your wedding guests take will look professional, some maybe quite unflattering, posting them on Facebook means you have no control over who sees them.

If you decide that your wedding is a private affair and should remain that way, and then you need to mention this to your wedding guests at the earliest opportunity, either during the speeches before the ceremony, it could be a good job to give the ushers & groomsmen to inform everyone.

3. What color are the chairs at the reception?

Seem like a silly question? Well, let’s say you’ve not arranged any chair covers, and the venue has bright red seating, it could well clash with your wedding’s color scheme and ruin the whole look.

Quite simply speak with the wedding venue, ask to see the seating for the reception and should they not meet your requirements then consider chair covers with a nice sash to add the color you desire.

4. Is it tradition to invite the vicar or registrar to our reception?

This is a totally personal thing, if you are a regular church goer and your vicar or priest is known personally to you, then it’s a nice thought to invite them to share the joy of your reception.

Of course there is no obligation to fulfill, so if you’ve organized an intimate wedding and have only invited your closest friends and family, then you probably won’t want to add a stranger to the seating arrangements, even if they have just performed your ceremony.

5. Do I have to have my niece as the cute little bridesmaid?

This is a difficult question, and if you’ve already asked yourself this, the answer is probably no. Choosing bridesmaids is as personal to the bride as the best-man choice for the groom; no one should suggest or dictate people for your wedding party.

There are no rules when it comes to selecting bridesmaids, you do not have to pick your relatives, and you do not have to choose a young child just because other weddings you’ve attended have done.

If your niece is special to you and you’d love her to be a part of your wedding, then you should ask her, but don’t be bullied into making her bridesmaid for any other reason, this is your special day, and no one else’s!

6. Do I book my honeymoon tickets in my maiden name or new husbands name?

Assuming you are flying to your honeymoon destination, and then this means you’ll require your passport and the name on your passport must match the name on your tickets.

However, you can actually change the name in your passport before you actually get married; this will mean your old passport with your maiden name becomes invalid, so if you need to travel anywhere beforehand (hen weekend etc.) you’ll have a conflict in surnames!

Of course you don’t need to change your surname immediately after the wedding, some countries will require a visa to travel which is another thing you’ll have to apply for, so it’s probably best leaving your name change until after the honeymoon to avoid further stress and complications.

7. Is it any cheaper to plan a winter wedding?

Depending on the wedding venue, out of season weddings could be as much as 50% cheaper than a Saturday in the summer. However, summer weddings during the middle of the week are likely to be cheaper than popular Fridays and Saturdays. If you are looking to save on your venue hire costs, then speak with the venue owners and see what discounts can be offered, they may well also publish details of late availabilities at discounted prices if you like the idea of arranging a wedding at short notice. All wedding venues in Essex are different, so visit as many as you can and discuss options with their organizers.

8. Do I have to wear heels under my wedding dress?

We say no – get those flat shoes for dancing, and even wear a pair of flats for the ceremony if you’re brave enough, likelihood is no one will be looking at your footwear. Even if you buy yourself a pair of flat shoes for the evening, you won’t have to wear them if you decided not to, but you may regret it if you don’t have the option.

If you’ve chosen a beautiful pair of heels to match your dress, making you look taller and more regal, they may look great but you really don’t want to end up regretting not dancing enough on your wedding day just because your shoes are hurting. Search the internet and you’ll find plenty of fancy flat wedding shoes.

9. Who buys the confetti, me or my wedding guests?

If you’ve asked your wedding photographer to capture a perfect moment of confetti being thrown then it’s best to provide some yourself. Confetti is very inexpensive, and they’ll be plenty of guests who arrive with their own confetti, equally there will be plenty who arrive without any.

The best solution is to purchase your own, and ask the ushers to hand it out when the photographer is ready for the confetti shot!

10. Should I consider wedding insurance?

Yes, it won’t be the first thing on your list, but just take a look at your wedding budget costs and you’ll soon realize that insuring against the unthinkable is a must. You don’t want to find out the hard way, and when you’re writing out payments for deposits, give yourself peace of mind and ensure you’re costs are covered.

Should the worst happen, and someone becomes unable to attend the ceremony, the likelihood is that you won’t be able to afford cancelling and rescheduling your wedding unless it is covered by wedding insurance. Unexpected wedding emergencies can be anything from a supplier going bust, or your entire wedding being cancelled for an unforeseen issue!

Wedding insurance is also relatively cheap just search online, find a package that suits you, and give yourself some peace of mind.

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