2017 – The Asian Wedding Fashion!

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Asian Wedding FashionWith the changing time and trends, there is also a change in the wedding styles, even in Asia. This change must have to be accepted by the society as it is nothing but changing the colors of life and adding more vibrant shades to our occasions.

For each couple, there should be something unique to make their best day more memorable. This can be done by special arrangements and some surprises for them. it will surely make their special day shine.  The experts are thinking, planning and executing successfully different styles of wedding and are promoting the trends of making special arrangements in society.

 Here we will give a look at the most predicted wedding trends that are expected to come up in the year 2017. These trends will surely inspire you and make your day special.  Below are some of the trends that are going to grace us at weddings around us:

The Targeted Wedding:

 Most specifically designed for the Asian couples, these weddings are basically for the fashioned couples. Suppose if a path bride is going to marry a Punjabi guy, there will surely be a lot of confusion in the marriage rituals that vary in both the tribes. And to deal with the issue, comes the targeted wedding. Such weddings are properly planned to keep in mind the rituals and values both the families. Without letting anyone down and keeping the ethics and morals of both sides up, these weddings are ending up giving rise to a new set of exciting wedding rituals and will surely be pleasing for the bride and groom as well. These types of weddings are more intimate and limited with ultimate ease.

The Personalized Wedding:

Added more with some specific illustrations these types of wedding occasion can be the perfect thing for the bride, the groom and their families at the same time. The wedding is the most important day for the bride and groom as compare to anyone else. It is a great idea to add some personalized touch to the wedding rituals. You can go for a unique dance floor, customizes stationery, the customized crest and venue, the decor and the interior design etc. A personalized wedding event can add more drama and fairytale kind of impression to your special day.

The Street Food:

One of the most appreciated ideas in Asian wedding where people are fond of eating. You can make some food items like jalebi or other sweets right on the venue. This fresh serving will surely be a good feast for the guest, making them more excited and enjoy the gathering. Another charming point is the way it can be served. It can be done creatively and in an interactive manner and this would be fun. This idea is generated from the food stalls. You can go for the ice-cream stall, pathory, gulab-jamun or jalebi etc. And for sure it is a perfect trend for the real foodie person.

Try to Be Different:

If you want to be different you have come up with endless possibilities and it is really amazing. You can go for any quickie and unreal idea and get it done with the help of expert event planners. All that you need to do is to think out of the box and go for what your heart says to you. Don’t be afraid to try new things, the couples are moving far away from the traditional norms and wedding etiquettes. This change ends up giving some highly creative outcome and making your special day even more wonderful.

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