3 Reasons to Propose With an Antique Ring

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Antique Engagement RingDid you know that some of the antique rings surviving today and being worn right now as engagement and wedding rings are older than the fashion of popping that all important question with a ring?

To learn more about the history of gifting engagements rings and the different eras, periods and fashions opting to go antique permits a couple to choose from, head over to The Reader’s Digest website where you can find and read the rather romantic article: The History of Engagement Rings.

Meanwhile, here are 3 reasons to propose with an antique ring worth considering before popping the big question.

Want a Unique, Hand Crafted Engagement Ring Without Going Bespoke?

Antique rings differ from those more recently made for a number of distinctive reasons. Firstly, most antique rings and certainly those pre-dating the mid-to-late Victorian Periods of jewellery making will have benefitted from being crafted by hand. This means that a jeweller or team literally designed and toiled to create the ring you could choose to wear, or be gifted.

And that is not the only difference worth considering when deciding between something old and something new; new rings are these days for the most part mass produced with even elements of some bespoke made rings having been made by a machine rather than person. Hence, for a truly unique and 100% hand crafted ring your only option in 2016, unless you have thousands to spare of course, is to instead go antique.

Affording Diamonds on Any Budget

Antique rings are, perhaps surprisingly to some, the cheapest out there when it comes to buying precious metals and stones. This is due to a number of reasons including the fact that there is less demand for diamonds even of a larger size which bear an older cut as well as the fact that new rings have until recently proved the ‘trendiest’ option; but as with all things, fashions change.

Then, going for what is in vogue right now over what provides the best in terms of quality, cost and aesthetics is not necessarily a good idea – especially when the price paid for a ‘trendy’ ring that in five or ten years if not before will no longer be so is so much higher than that spent on an antique ring featuring a diamond that is twice the size and often twice as stunning.

Further, you can also save even more on buying a big diamond ring when buying antique by simply shopping online rather than on the high street. To see what you stand to save and how little an antique diamond engagement ring can cost, head over to the Antique Rings Online Store or their sister company, Laurelle Antique Jewellery.

Saying ‘I do’ to an Ethical and Eco-friendly Engagement Ring

Whilst a plethora of stunning antique diamond engagement rings twinkle away in jeweller’s windows, diamonds continue to be mined. It is illogical at best and frightening at worst; after all, mining doesn’t just have a detrimental and devastating effect on the world and its landscapes; it permanently scars the earth, displaces wildlife and impacts on the natural ecology of an area often irreparably.

And that is not all it does; diamond mining even in 2016 almost always involves unethical work practices and the employment of children and vulnerable and desperately poor workers who receive barely any pay for the literal blood, sweat and tears they are often required to put into their work.

Whilst some companies and modern jewellery makers in recent years have begun to advertise that they only use or sell ‘ethically mined diamonds’ what constitutes good ethics is by no means an objective matter and the ecological repercussions of mining still remain.

Hence, and listed as one of the major ‘pros’ for opting for an antique engagement and / or wedding ring via the Everything Wedding Rings website, to buy a diamond engagement ring without contributing to the destruction of the planet, the surest way is to simply go antique.

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