3 Ways to Do Something Different at Your Wedding

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Here are just three ways to add something different to a wedding, whether held outdoors, indoors, during the day, in the evening or by a bride and groom whose taste is somewhat ‘different’ to begin with!

Making a Real Difference to an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be magical, enchanting and awe-inspiring. To marry in the great outdoors, not shut in by walls and doors and ceilings, and party till the stars come out, is definitely a romantic and alluring idea.

Meanwhile, what is rarely, if ever, a romantic matter to consider, but none the less one that needs considering when planning an outdoor wedding is the facilities. The fact is some outdoor wedding venues or venues used for after ceremony receptions and parties fail to provide toilet facilities what-so-ever. This is often true when couples have hired a farmer’s field or the likes. Meanwhile, many more hirable outdoor spaces used for the purposes of throwing wedding receptions and parties provide toilet facilities that are a considerable distance from an event space and/or not always the luxury loos you can expect to find in a four star hotel…or even a humble community hall in some cases.

Fortunately, recognizing the need for portable and hirable toilet facilities that don’t just provide people with somewhere secure, clean and spacious to go when nature calls, the team at Event Washrooms have devised an entire line of luxury, hirable and even customizable portable washroom facilities that come complete with proper washbasins, mirrors and can also be tailored décor-wise to be in keeping with a theme or color scheme. Then, and to see for yourself what luxury portable loos look like and get a quote, head over to the Event Washrooms website. After all, no bride wants or should have to remember her big day as the day she had to try and fit into a port-a-loo wearing a princess dress.

Shedding Some Light on Evening Weddings

As discussed in more length via the Confetti website, evening weddings provide a fantastic way to get a designer or extra lavish wedding at a bargain and thrifty price. They are also a quirky, alternative and enchanting means to tying the knot. The trick is, when planning an evening wedding to understand and carefully consider a theme, decor and lighting that will turn an otherwise dark and potentially luster-lacking event space into a festival of light.

The great news is that not only is this easily possible, but it opens up an entirely different world of possibilities – from throwing a celestial moons and stars themed wedding to going crazy with the fairy lights and lanterns to create an atmospheric wedding wonderland, to keeping things understated and rustic by using light up lettering, like that supplied by Light It Up UK, to welcome and greet guests upon arrival – and perhaps even add some sparkle to a head table or dance floor with sentiments such as ‘I Do’, ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ and ‘Love’.

Light up letting in fact is one of the best means of decorating, lighting up, illuminating and creating atmosphere and ambience at an evening wedding or night after do. There really is no limit to what can be created; from simple symbols such as hearts to social media inspired hashtags, to entire quotes such as ‘happily ever after…’, the potential to get creative with light up letters is huge.

 A Very Different Kind of Wedding

There are weddings that are ‘different’ for being held outdoors, at night or because would-be weds arrive by helicopter or have a cake made of cheese truckles, for example. And then there are weddings which are different simply because the bride and groom are, well, ‘different’.

That is, the traditional wedding is not for every couple and couples should never feel pressured to conform to tradition; this is your and your partner’s big day to celebrate the unity of two unique souls. Hence, it matters that the day reflects what matters to you and your partner. Because your nearest and dearest love you both, they should love a wedding which expresses and celebrates your combined personalities just as much as they love you. And, on a more fun note, there are ways to poke a little fun at some of the ‘alternative’ loves and hobbies you and your partner might share that you guests might not whilst also providing a little wedding day entertainment of a wholly different kind.

To give one great example which is particularly trendy yet defiantly different, why not hire out a tattoo stall rather than a selfie booth for your big day? No, seriously; as the Off Beat Bride website take a closer look, the portable ‘Tattoo Station’ is not only possible to hire for wedding receptions, but can also be used to tattoo guests of all ages from 4 years to 84 years. Horrified? Shocked? Appalled? Or simply enthralled?

It is probably sensible at this point to make it clear that the tattooing carried out via the portable tattoo station is all temporary and intended to inject a bit of color (pun definitely intended) and add a bit of rock’n’roll fun to the day’s goings on that everyone can enjoy and crack a smile over, even if its Granny doing so reluctantly. Offer Gran another glass of bubbly and who knows, you might even be able to turn that frown…into a full sleeve of Japanese koi or a tribal masterpiece! Whatever happens, this is one sure way to definitely add some intrigue to your wedding photos.

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