5 Important Social Media Guidelines for Your Wedding Day

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Social MediaSocial media is great, however you don’t want your whole congregation to be on their phones for the whole of the day. So, here are some great social media guidelines for your wedding.

Reset your Privacy Settings

Even though this may look like common knowledge, it is surprising that there are people who still ignore privacy settings on their accounts. The easiest way of preventing any unflattering or private photos is restricting your friends from tagging you in photos that will be publicly seen.

To make your tagged photos private, just change your settings. This will enable you to review the intimate details of your wedding before they become public. If you want to share certain photos but not all of them after your wedding, change the settings of the photos you like.

Make it Quietly Known

If you would like your guests participate in the celebration, add your wishes to your wedding website, make a note in your program or have someone kindly announce before the celebration that guests will be required to put away their cell phones during the wedding ceremony.

This is a good thing to do instead of spending time adding filters to photos or tweeting. This is very important as it will enable your family and friends share the joy of your wedding with you. Here are some good tips.

Create a Photo Sharing Account

If you want your guests to document each and every moment of your wedding ceremony, you need to give them a good medium to enable them to share their photos. It is a good idea to create an Instagram hashtag a Facebook page for sharing photos.

You can also consider apps like WedPics which enable you to invite guests to upload photos and videos of your wedding day into an album which you can manage.

A good way to consolidate your wedding pictures from different points of views is by having photo sharing accounts. Some of the guests may take candid shots which may surprise you.

No Flash Photography

Devices such as camera phones usually have flashes which can be distracting and also cast harsh lighting on your professional wedding photographer’s perfectly lit shots of memorable wedding moments like your first kiss.

This is why it is very important to tell your officiant to remind your guests that they turn off flashes and phone ringers when the wedding is about to begin. Apply this if you have no problem with guests taking photos during your wedding ceremony.

Be Polite!

The most important tip when managing social media during your wedding day is to keep your calm and be understanding. The guests who came to your wedding want to take part in the celebration and celebrate with you.

They want to remember how great it was attending your wedding and this is why photo sharing is very important. You need to set social media guidelines with tact and genuine kindness that will make your guests appreciate and enjoy the ceremony.

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