5 Reasons to Propose with an Antique Engagement Ring

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The reasons to propose by giving an engagement ring are multifold and obvious; it is traditional to do so, desired in most cases, and even expected in many. Before heading out to the high street in search of a ring, though, consider the reasons for instead of hitting the high street opting to purchase an antique engagement ring. After all, there are many of them, and to prove that point here is the top five.

1 – Price Tag

Nobody likes to discuss the price tag dangling from an engagement ring. Suffice to say, attaching a price tag to such an emotional and symbolic purchase feels uncomfortable and worse, questioning or attempting to barter on the price of the perfect ring can feel as if you are suggesting your partner is not worth the amount being asked – when the reality is they are of course invaluable, but that most people’s bank accounts are not; 99% of us will have to set and stick to a budget that in no way reflects or could ever match or equal the worth of our partner or love we feel for them.

Sadly, many jewelry sellers, especially those dealing in mass produced engagement rings, are happy to exploit this fact, knowing that would-be-weds are reluctant to and reticent when it comes to negotiating on price. Hence, when buying a new ring, you can expect it will bear a big mark up, whether it bears a big rock or not.

Meanwhile, purchase an antique engagement ring and you can expect to save up to a third of the price (or on average 30% when buying a diamond ring, according to the Living on the Cheap website), if not more, for the same quality ring. Hence, to get the biggest rock at a rock bottom price, opting to go antique is not only the best, but often the only way to go.

2 – Online Buying

Living now in ‘the digital age’, more and more couples are turning to the internet to shop for that perfect engagement ring. And buying online is not only a good idea but the best one when buying an antique engagement ring.

As well as making the savings all online shoppers stand to make when buying online as online providers can afford to sell their products, produce and service at a far lower markup than those operating on the high street as selling online of course saves on overheads such as rent, council tax and utilities, buying specifically antique jewelry online from a reputable and specialist online jeweler such as Royal Antique Jewelry opens up a whole new world of potential and makes finding the perfect ring far more likely for the simple reason that by buying online you really are shopping the entire world rather than a single high street or town.

3 – One in a Million vs. One of a Million

Modern, mass produced rings are neither unique nor one in a million. Rather, and by definition, they are one of a million. Hence they have no real warmth, personality or significance beyond what is afforded them by the size of the rock they bear and their price tag of course. That is, their soul worth is in their monetary value until you attach your own worth.

Further, being mass produced, there was no expert jeweler sat lovingly toiling over hours, days or even weeks to create a new and so machine made and mass produced ring. In fact, the first time it touched a human hand would probably be once completed. And the first time anyone touched it because they cared about more than money would probably then be when you touched or held it, provided you do. Suffice to say then, without you attaching worth to it, a modern ring has no worth beyond its cold, hard, monetary value.

In contrast, an antique ring has by definition survived over a century to be discovered by you; it is likely to be up to five times your age and have seen and been part of some truly historical and magical goings on before finding its way into your hand, and heart. And that is, perhaps the real difference between an antique and a new ring.

4 – The Real Thing

If you partner prefers everything new, modern and ultra-contemporary it is perhaps safe to assume she or he would prefer a modern made engagement ring. Meanwhile many, if not most of us take our style and fashion from those established before us; just as designers take influence from past trends, motifs, elements and techniques, so too do we as people; we enjoy the weight and significance endowed in a particular design, element or even stone or material.

Then, a modern engagement ring which shirks tradition and turns its nose up at the styles, elements and influences of the past can seem cold and without romance. This means many, when searching for the perfect ring, search for something more traditional, and the result is often a new ring which is machine made to replicate an older style or elements which when buying an antique are authentic. Hence, why not just buy the real thing and opt for an antique?

5 – Ethics and Ecology

Last but not least, and as laid bare by the unflinching article: There’s No Such Thing as a “Conflict Free Diamond”  featured on the Clean Lean Sharp website, buying new diamond inlaid jewelry is an ethically fraught business. This is true even of jewelry makers and diamond suppliers who purpose to sell ‘ethical diamonds’, as the article also exposes.

The fact is, in 2016 when you buy a banana in the UK it comes with a sticker explaining where it has come from so that you can ensure it have not reached you at the cost of others. Further, you can opt to buy ‘Fair Trade’ products in supermarkets; you can even find out if the eggs used to make your bottle or jar of mayonnaise contains free range eggs. Yet, ask a high street jeweler where the diamonds in their rings come from and if they can answer you should be more suspicious than reassured. Even if they think they are telling the truth, and as the Clean Lean Sharp article exposes, ‘conflict’ diamonds’ are often intermixed with ‘conflict free’ diamonds and conflict free diamond is itself somewhat of a misnomer. Consequently, buying an antique ring is the most ethical and ecologically sound means of buying an engagement ring, especially a diamond one.

Then, if you do not want to gift a ring which involved unethical practices in order to be made and also contributed to the ecological destruction of the world in which you and your partner will live your lives together and perhaps too birth your children into, there is no choice to make; an antique ring is the only way to say ‘I do’ to the world in which we all must live, if you want that world to be ethical and ecologically healthy one for yourself, your love and your family.


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