5 Top Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

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There are few things in life a person will buy that will conjure within a person as much excitement, trepidation and emotion as an engagement ring. This is especially true when buying a ring with which to surprise your partner, as you cannot of course ask their advice or turn to them for guidance. Then, to help minimize the stress and hopefully maximize the excitement, here are five top tips to for buying the perfect engagement ring.

Tip One: Size Matters

If you don’t know your partner’s ring size, you will need to find it out. Then, watch out for an opportunity to have a look in your partner’s jewelry box or at their current ring collection.

You want to find a ring you have seen them wear on their wedding finger (the fourth finger of their left hand) and one which they will not ideally or instantly realize is gone as this could of course lead them to think they have lost one of their rings, or worse yet, reveal to them that they are about to be proposed to. So, aim to pick a ring you have seen them wear, but not one which they wear often.

Rather than keeping hold of this ring for the duration of your search, simply take it along to your high street jeweler and ask them to size it for you so that you can return it as soon as possible. This will minimize the risk of getting caught out. Further, by learning your partner’s ring size this will make shopping online for that perfect engagement ring possible as well.

Tip Two: Style Matters More than Size

Getting the perfect style of engagement ring is far harder than getting the right size, and far more important as a ring can at least be adjusted. Then, familiarize yourself with the styles and types of rings your partner likes.

There are numerous ways to do this, but most simply, it is worth taking a look at the rings, jewelry and even clothes they currently own and enjoy wearing. So, if you aren’t confident as to what they like, make a point of familiarizing yourself whilst doing some detective work into their specific ring size.

Many people, for example, have a favorite clothing designer. If this is true of your partner, find out if that designer has commissioned, created or released a line of jewelry. After all, many do; take for example Calvin Klein who earlier this year (2016) released a pretty awe-inspiring collection of jewelry, including rings, in collaboration with the equally eminent jewelry design team, Wave and which are currently available to view and purchase via the Wave Jewellery website.

The trick, or tip, rather is to tailor your search and give it some focus using any designs, designers, colors, styles or eras that resonate with your partner as this is a sure way to avoid getting it wrong, even if you don’t end up getting the exact ring your partner would have chosen. After all, and who knows, by paying attention to what matters to them, you might even find a ring that tops the one they have long imagined receiving.

Tip Three: How to Get Big Diamonds at Tiny Prices

The most traditional and popular stone to furnish engagement rings here in the UK, diamonds are also the most expensive stone to opt for. Fortunately, for anyone struggling to afford a diamond ring but determined to have one or gift one to their partner there is a way. What is more, there is a way which doesn’t just ensure those shopping with any sized budget can afford a diamond, but that those who can afford a diamond but only a rather small one can double or even triple its size without doubly or tripling the price they pay; quite simply, the best tip to purchasing diamonds is to shop online via a reputable and well established diamond ring provider and to further tailor your search to buying an antique.

Antique diamond rings are not only the most ecologically sound and savvy means of buying a diamond ring, but both antique rings and those sold online specifically retail at far less than those you can expect to find on the high street. This is due to a combination of factors. Most prominently, online retailers and jewelers do not need to up their prices to afford rent, council tax and overheads associated with occupying a store on the high street. Meanwhile the old style cuts of antique diamonds and fact that they are not newly created also reflects in their price. Hence, to get a big diamond at a tiny price, simply shop via an antique ring specialist such as Antique Rings Online.

Tip Four: How to Get Something as Unique as Your Loved One

Another beautiful, romantic and alluring reason to consider purchasing an antique engagement ring over something new is the fact that unlike many of the rings, albeit stunning, made to today antiques were made according to traditional methods and techniques. This translates to mean that antique and even some vintage rings will have been lovingly and exquisitely handmade. Yet, the fact that they are now antiques means that they will cost a fraction of the price of a bespoke or contemporary handmade ring.

Further, there is a romance attached to a ring that has survived the test of time, as we all hope our marriages will; the idea of continuing a tradition and adding to the story and lore of a specific ring, especially one intended in years to come to be passed down as an heirloom, adds a touch of magic and extra layer of meaning. And, as if that isn’t reason enough to at least take a look at antique rings before hitting the high street jewelers, perhaps the most beautiful reality afforded those who opt to go antique is that by doing so you can all but guarantee that the ring you purchase will be as unique as its intended wearer.

Tip Five: Don’t Buy a Ring

Whilst it isn’t arguably very romantic to propose without offering a ring there and then, that is not to say it is not a good idea. In fact, if you know that your partner would prefer to shop with you for rings or a ring, rather than sticking to tradition it is definitely better to break with it; after all, your partner’s preferences matter more than doing things by the book, especially an unwritten one.

So, and in fact, it is far more romantic and conscientious of you as a partner to consider not only styles and what they might like in a ring, but whether you partner might actually like best to pick their own.

If you do decide to propose without a ring, just remember that doesn’t mean you have to perform the gesture empty handed. Instead, think of something your partner really does enjoy and try to get a little creative with it to show the time, effort and thought you have put into the proposal, even though you have no ring to show for it.

Popular alternative include ring pops, gummy rings and even cupcakes. Meanwhile, for more ideas and inspiration as to how to propose without a ring, give the article: How to Romantically Propose Without a Ring, featured on the Ever After Guide website a read.

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