5 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

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Choosing a wedding venue is a massively important responsibility, not the least because where you choose to wed is sure to hold a special place in your heart forevermore. Hence, here are five top tips to making that all important choice and ensure that you choose the perfect wedding venue, and what is more; bag it before another couple does!

1 – Negotiate

The art of negotiation is a fine one. Fine because it involves a certain amount of skill and confidence, and fine because it can see you bag a bargain on an otherwise unaffordable venue. Hence, it is also a skill well worth learning ahead of starting to call up or visit the venues that have made your short list.

Then, to learn how to negotiate and get the best deal, as almost all venues will provide at the very least a discount if pushed, head over to the Confetti website and give their advice: HOW TO NEGOTIATE A DISCOUNT WITH YOUR VENUE, written by wedding expert and writer Kate Thompson.

2 – Make a Joint Decision

Too often the choice of wedding venue is decide by one half of a relationship. This is a bizarre reality as and after all a marriage is a sacred ceremony in which two halves become one, or two people join forces. Hence, both parties in this equation and life changing event matter and should therefore get a say. Then, the age old excuse ‘they didn’t mind’ won’t wash when it comes to choosing a wedding venue; not minding is not the same as not caring and this is a lesson definitely best learned well ahead of getting wed!

Therefore, discuss openly with you partner what sort of venues they might like to look into or visit. If they are initially reticent in their responses or seem unwillingly to give ideas, do not instantly think that they are not ‘bothered’ where a ceremony or reception is held; many people find discussing wedding specifics somewhat overwhelming. Hence, be patient and most importantly listen and compromise.

3 – Choose a Venue that Offers Catering and Provides the Bubbles

Often convenience translates to mean ‘more costly’. This is not necessarily the case though when shopping for a wedding reception or after-do venue spaces. In fact, whilst it is true that couples can almost certainly secure a cheaper deal by going DIY and putting together their own package, the reality is that most whilst doing this will lose sight of their budget at least somewhat and fail to factor in any additional extras they plump for along the way, as well as the amount of time and effort they have exhausted doing so. Therefore, when possible, search for a venue which will provide a place, catering and drinks for you.

A bonus tip is to choose a location to give your search some focus, such as the Lake District for example, and then look for wedding planning specialists and expert insiders with whom to liaise, such as the team at Lake District Country Hotels, in order to ensure you aren’t just getting the best deal but are as well getting the best venue for your particular wedding.

4 – Consider Licensed Venues

To save yourself even more (time, effort and stress if not money as well), consider looking into venues which hold their own wedding licenses, and can therefore organize and cater for your entire wedding.

Not only are venues which go to the expense and trouble of securing a license usually ones which are capable of and offer wedding rooms which beat the registry office hands down and provide a romantic and luxurious alternative to a church wedding (for those who are not religious), doing so is by far the best way to turn the stress of planning a wedding on its head and instead enjoy using all that saved up energy to find the perfect gown, cake or get a crafty making unique invites.

The best means of searching for venues which are also able to offer ceremonies onsite is to shirk all the online ‘wedding venue search engines’ as they will usually require you to look at individual venues to ascertain whether a venue provides the option of ceremonies, and instead search via the official UK Government website – which you can do online by using the Find a venue for civil marriage or civil partnership tool featured on the GOV.UK website.

5 – Book in Advance

The advice provided via Marie Claire Online when answering the question ‘how far in advance should we book a venue?’ is at the eleven months to the date stage.

Booking a venue almost a year ahead of the big event might seem a bit soon, but as many of the UK’s most popular, prestigious and best loved venues can actually book up years in advance, as the Marie Claire article also warns, 9 – 12 months is not actually that long – and once planning gets under way will fly past.

Hence, to avoid disappoint, don’t dally or delay searching for or ensuring you secure your ideal venue, after all second best is, well, second best and on your big day second best is definitely not a reality you want to be saying ‘I do’ to.

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