A Few of the Best Wedding Planning Apps

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Wedding Planning AppsFor the busy bride and groom, wedding planning apps are a valuable tool that helps them manage the process and makes it easier and more fun for both. There are many wedding planning apps to choose from, but some are more useful than others.

Every bride knows that one of the most time consuming parts of planning their wedding is finding their dress. This can take countless hours of a bride’s time and visits to perhaps dozens of wedding dress stores to find the right one. A better alternative for the busy bride is to download the Wedding Dress Look Book App, created by The Knot. This app lets brides browse wedding dresses at any number of retailers. Brides can easily bookmark their favorite dresses while searching for the perfect choice. They can also use the app to find bridal salons in their area.

Taking the time to go to a store and choose items for the wedding registry is a time consuming process that many grooms dread. Grooms and their brides can avoid this by downloading Gift Registry 360, an app that lets them browse online stores and add any item to their wedding gift registry. Not only does this help busy couples save time during the wedding planning process it also makes it easier for their guests to find and purchase a gift from their registry, regardless of where they live in the country.

Sending out save the date cards and wedding invitations is an uphill battle when couples need to obtain the home address of each of their guests. One way to make this process easier is to download Postable, an app that lets brides and grooms send an email to each invited guest in which everyone can submit their address into a database that the bride and groom can then use to address any necessary correspondence. This app also saves couples valuable time when it comes to handwriting notes for the wedding, as they can type in text and have it converted into handwriting.

Determining the seating arrangement for a wedding reception can be a nightmare for anyone. The TopTablePlanner app makes it easy to get the seating arrangements finished quickly and efficiently. In fact, it’s so easy to use; it can be a great way to get the groom involved in the wedding planning process by putting him in charge of the seating arrangements. Couples can simply upload their wedding guest list to the app and use a table diagram on their smart phone’s screen to drag each name to the person’s assigned seat. No matter how many guests are to be seated at each table, the app can adjust to the number of tables needed. The app can also be used to note when a specific guest requires a vegetarian or diabetic meal choice, and will help you get a better count for things like wedding favors.

Since most wedding days pass in a blur for the happy couple, the Vyclone app can help brides and grooms remember those lost moments by combining all of the smartphone videos taken at the wedding by various guests. The app will string all the footage together into one long video that shows couples their own wedding day memories.

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