Activities for Your Rehearsal Dinner

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Outdoor Wedding Rehearsal DinnerYour rehearsal dinner is a kind gesture to both sets of parents as well as everyone serving in the wedding party. Showing your appreciation by treating the ones you love most to dinner, on the eve of your wedding, is meant to give everyone an opportunity to relax and unwind in anticipation of the big day.

In general, the more formal your wedding will be the more fun and lighthearted your rehearsal dinner should be. Especially in the case of destination weddings, a rehearsal dinner can be held at an outdoor café or a trendy restaurant in the area. Even if you are getting married in your own neighborhood it can be nice to take your loved ones out for an adventure. It will also help create a more energetic vibe for your wedding.

If you want to just kick back and relax for the evening, consider having your rehearsal dinner outdoors in your own backyard. With some comfortable outdoor furniture and a fireplace if the weather calls for it, you’ll be able to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones before the excitement of your wedding day begins. For a daytime dinner, an outdoor barbecue in your yard is also an idea that appeals to many couples. This makes it easy for you to provide your guests with entertainment such as horseshoes, volleyball or an impromptu softball game if you have enough willing participants.

Depending on what your loved ones enjoy doing, and whether or not you mind a super casual dinner, one option is to hold it at a bowling alley. Many of them serve higher quality food than they did in the past and the bigger bowling alleys tend to have party rooms you can rent.

An indoor or outdoor Mexican restaurant can be a fun place to have your rehearsal dinner. Some Mexican restaurants even have mariachi bands that will perform while you are eating. If your guests would enjoy Mexican food, this is one idea to consider.

Movie buffs will appreciate the idea of a rehearsal dinner and a movie, which you can pull off in your own backyard if you choose to do so. Most couples will choose a new movie they’ve wanted to see or a favorite movie that they can project onto an outdoor screen; essentially a drive in Movie Theater without the need to sit in your car.

Arcades can also be a fun place to have your rehearsal dinner, especially if you or your significant other is an avid gamer. Many of them now offer activities such as go-carts or mini golf in the addition to the video games.

If you prefer board games, why not consider a game night for your rehearsal dinner. This is an easy way to hold it at your home or at a close friend or family member’s home. It also prevents you from staying out so late partying that you lack all of the energy for your impending nuptials.

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