Alternatives to Wearing a Tuxedo at Your Wedding

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Wedding KiltThough most men traditionally wear a tuxedo for their wedding day you may be wondering what your alternatives are. There are many reasons why you may want to skip the tuxedo and wear something that is more comfortable to you. Several other options are viable choices if a tuxedo is not your preference.

Whether you are Scottish or not, one option is to wear a kilt on the day of your wedding. For a truly uniform look, your groomsmen should also wear a kilt for your ceremony. If you or they are hesitant to do so because you won’t feel manly enough, consider adding a flask to the pouch on your kilt. It may change your perspective on this wedding tuxedo alternative.

Depending on the theme and location of your wedding you and your groomsmen may be able to get away with dressing in cowboy shirts and tight jeans. This is perfect for a country western themed wedding or even one that takes place on a venue such as a ranch. You may or may not want to add to this wedding day outfit with cowboy boots and hats.

A simple outfit of shirts and suspenders is also a viable alternative. A suit jacket is not necessary if your wedding will be casual in style and nature. Adding a tie to your outfit allows you to be respectful of your wedding day but still casual enough to be comfortable. You can give each of your groomsmen the option of wearing a tie of their choice or you can all choose to wear skinny black ties. The pants you wear with this outfit can be khakis or trousers and still be appropriate for your wedding.

Beach weddings often call for clothes made from linen. They will be light weight enough to keep you cool and comfortable in the heat but still help you look like a million dollars on your wedding day. If you prefer a tropical style for your wedding consider wearing a four pocket shirt with loose fitting khaki slacks. When it comes to shoes, sandals or deck shoes may be appropriate. Alternatively, you could skip the shoes and sink your toes into the sand. Just be careful if you plan to light sparklers on the beach because you don’t want to burn the tips of your toes by accident.

If you can’t wrap your head around the idea of dressing so casually for your wedding another alternative is to choose a color such as tan, brown or grey and have you and your groomsmen wear suits. Each of you can choose the style of suit that you like the best and are the most comfortable in. To complete your outfits you and your groomsmen may be able to get away with wearing comfortable shoes such as Converse and matching socks.

For a more old fashioned style for your wedding pinstripe suits are also an option. This works best if the bridesmaids in the wedding are also wearing outfits that are reminiscent of the pinstripe suit era.

These are a few alternatives to wearing a tuxedo at your wedding. Depending on your heritage or personal style, there is always something more unique to wear that will help you stand out and look fabulous on your wedding day.

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