Budget Wedding Reception Décor Ideas

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Flower BallsWhen you imagine the perfect reception venue, you may think of a civic hall, a country club, a barn, or a backyard. You may think of dozens of tables with crisp white tablecloths or rows of rough benches next to trestle tables. But big or small, chic or rustic, decorating a reception venue takes time, effort, and money. If your budget is limited, you can substitute the first two for the third ingredient. Here are some fantastic reception decoration ideas you can pull off on a budget.

Flower Balls

These big hanging decorations make a beautiful focal point for a reception. All you need are green Styrofoam spheres from your local craft store and plenty of silk or plastic flowers. Poke the stems of the fake flowers into the Styrofoam, spiraling up from the bottom until the whole sphere is covered. Then loop some fishing wire through them and hang them. The shape combined with the flowers makes for a slightly surreal, dream-like decoration.

Thrift Store Dishes

To bring some visual interest to a sterile-looking venue, ditch the white-on-white china plates. Spend a few weekends before the reception scouring thrift stores for interesting, colorful mismatched dishes. The mix of colors and styles lend an air of whimsy to the reception dinner. Don’t forget mugs of all shapes and sizes for coffee with the wedding cake.

Wide Ribbon Ties on the Chairs

If the venue provided you with plain wooden chairs or even folding chairs, ditch the costly fabric draping and go for a simpler method of sprucing them up. Use a wide ribbon or a strip of tulle to tie a big, fat bow around the back of each chair. You can even tuck a flower or two in the knot to really set them off. It’s a minimalist, elegant way to dress up even the dowdiest chairs.

Chalkboard Paint on Mason Jars/Pint Glasses/Etc.

For place cards for the guests, instead of embossed paper, paint mason jars or pint glasses with chalkboard paint and set them around the tables. Provide plenty of chalk for the guests to write their names and decorate the glasses, and you’ve got an activity, a wedding favor, and a fun bit of décor.

White Christmas Lights

Sometimes the most beautiful decoration is the simplest. You can’t go more basic than white Christmas lights, but you also can’t go wrong with them. There’s something about that warm, yellow glow that makes everything look magical. If you raid your local big box stores right after Christmas, you can get enough lights to turn your venue into an enchanted forest without busting the budget.

You don’t have to spend big to have a beautiful reception venue. With some simple lighting and decorative touches, your venue can be gorgeous on a strict budget. So don’t despair if your wedding venue has cracked tables, unsightly chairs, or bad lighting; with a little bit of sweat equity and a few dollars invested, your venue will look like a million bucks (without costing even a thousand).

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