Cool Games to Rent for Your Reception

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Ring Toss Carnival GameWe all know how the typical wedding reception goes: there’s a meal, a cake-cutting, toasts, then dancing. But these days, there are plenty of other ways to throw a killer party that don’t involve a dance floor. If you’re rhythm-challenged, or you just want to do something unexpected and cool, here are some fun ways to have a game-themed wedding reception. All you need is a little Internet searching, a hefty deposit, and some open-minded guests.

Carnival Games

If you’re having an outdoor reception, make it shine by turning part of your venue into a carnival midway. You can rent all the old favorites: the milk jug toss, duck pond, balloon darts, even a dunk tank (perhaps your parents and in-laws will be willing to take a turn for fun). Make sure to grab a cotton candy machine and balloons for maximum carnival atmosphere. Bonus points for having plush toys or trinkets for the guests to win.


You’re already in formal wear, so make your guests feel like they’re on a fancy cruise ship (or are secretly spies) by renting casino games. Most places who rent gaming tables will also provide knowledgeable staff to run the games. Go beyond blackjack and poker with Craps and Roulette tables; they’re always a blast when someone starts to hit it big. Bonus points for printing or putting stickers on custom chips, but most of the rental places will provide chips, too. Have a few fun prizes for guests to redeem their chips and everyone will have great fun.


For this one, you’ll have to make sure your reception venue can handle the electronics. Turn your venue into an arcade with retro games from Tetris and Centipede to Street Fighter II. The rental company will load the machines in and out and make sure they’re all working. And there’s no need to give your guests rolls of quarters; the machines will be rigged to work for free. Make sure to have a few special wedding favors for the guests who hit high scores!

Console Games

If your venue can’t support having ten arcade games running at once, you can get the same effect by renting a projector and screen to play console games. Stick to four-player titles like Wii Bowling and Super Smash Brothers so the maximum amount of people can play at one time. You can even make brackets and organize a tournament, with wedding-themed prizes for the winners.

Bonus: Outdoor Theater

If your friends aren’t the game-playing type, rent a projector and a screen to show movies outdoors. You can start with some kid-friendly fare, then progress to romantic comedies (or whatever you and your new spouse prefer) afterward. Provide some blankets for people to sit and snuggle, and don’t skimp on the popcorn!

Your wedding reception will be the best party you’ve ever thrown. It’s a great excuse to go all-out: it is an event that only happens once-in-a-lifetime, so don’t be afraid to stretch the budget a little. With a little Google savvy, you can find party rental companies with the games to take your reception beyond a dance party and into a carnival, casino, or arcade.

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