Delicious Winter Wedding Dinners

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Spaghetti Wedding DinnerA winter wedding calls for a hot and delicious dinner to serve your guests. There are certain dishes you want to focus on serving at a winter wedding. This includes classic foods such as filet mignon and whipped potatoes.

To serve several small dishes in place of one large, more expensive dish, you will want to ensure that one course consists of some kind of soup such as pumpkin flavored or traditional wedding soup. Another course can consist of a light and affordable fish like salmon baked in lemon, or lamb chops with a horseradish crust.

A classic winter wedding dish that is coming back in style is pasta, as there are so many variations on pasta dishes that you can serve. This includes trendy and healthy spinach or whole wheat pasta. Since no pasta dish is complete without meatballs these are a great addition to a delicious winter wedding dinner. The beauty of serving meatballs is that they don’t have to consist of beef, as there are other delicious meatball options such as lamb, turkey and veal. Stuffed mushrooms can also be a warm and delicious option for a winter wedding, as well as one that will likely satisfy any guests at your wedding that are vegetarians.

Food stations are a great addition to any winter wedding. One popular choice is a fondue station. Depending on your budget you can choose to serve cheese, chocolate or meat fondue, or even all three in order to really provide for your guests. A macaroni and cheese bar is also a decent option for a winter wedding, especially if there will be children in attendance.

While hot dinners will warm the bellies of your guests, so will the hot drinks you serve as well. A simple cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate can be jazzed up for a winter wedding by using garnishes such as sugar cubes and/or marshmallows in the shape of a heart and including edible spoons/stirrers to stir the drinks with.

Believe it or not, there are some distinct cocktails that compliment a winter wedding. One example is a Warm Pear Toddy, which is simply whiskey with pair juice. For something a little more substantial you could also choose to serve your guests white chocolate pudding cocktails. This is essentially a fudge-pop that your guests can drink.

No wedding is complete without some delicious desserts and some are well suited for a winter wedding. This includes tarts, pies, and even more creative options such as do it yourself S’mores. You could even take things up a notch by placing wedding sparklers in each dessert and have the staff light them just before they deliver them to each table. Your guests will enjoy being a fun show in addition to receiving a tasty treat and it will be a dessert that warms them up.

Regardless of the dishes you serve at your winter wedding, you should be able to warm the hearts of your guests. Just remember, there are plenty of foods to avoid serving at your wedding, so focus on things that are real crowd-pleasers and you should be just fine. Comfort foods aren’t just for Grandma’s kitchen and can be a great accompaniment to a winter wedding. You will want to send your guests home with full bellies and warm memories of the big day.

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