Designing an Amazing Wedding Program

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Wedding ProgramsThe program for your wedding should be memorable and well put together. In the past it was always a paper booklet that you handed out to your guests. However, these days you have much more freedom when designing your wedding program.

One great idea, especially for an outdoor wedding, is to use a chalkboard sign to write your program on. Another idea is to create a crossword puzzle as your program. This unique approach will delight your guests and will even allow you to include facts about those in your wedding party, perfect for guests who are unfamiliar with the members of it. Another idea is to use an illustration of your wedding party as your program.

A growing number of couples are choosing to have a destination wedding and a great program for one is a program designed to look like a passport. This is especially clever if you and your loved ones all enjoy traveling.

There are many instances where you can incorporate the theme of your wedding into your official program. This could a carnival or winter wonderland theme, among others.

To kill two birds with one stone consider having your wedding programs printed up on brown paper lunch bags and filling those bags with flower petals, confetti, rice or anything else your guests can shower on you as you make your grand exit at the end of your wedding reception.

Another way to combine resources if you are getting married outdoors during warm weather is to have your wedding program printed on hand fans. Not only will your guests keep cool and learn all they need to know about your wedding, they have a souvenir to take home afterwards.

Sometimes your wedding program can be designed based on what you or your partner does for a living. For example, if you work or worked for a newspaper you can design your program to represent one and even include a crossword puzzle at the back of the program. This can help keep guests entertained if there is a lull in the day’s events.

If you don’t have the time or creativity to design your own wedding program consider using a service that will do it for you. Most request that you send them the text you want in the program and they will create a realistic looking magazine as your wedding program and email you a digital copy of it.

There are no rules as to how your wedding program should look, and there are a number of ways you can make your wedding programs look amazing for your guests. As long as it contains all the relevant information and your guests can easily read it, almost any design you can think of is suitable. The more creative you are the more likely you will be able to come up with something unique for your wedding program. The feel of it should reflect who you are as a couple; this will make it more personal and will show your guests how much passion and love you put into your planning.


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