DIY “Roll the Dice” Wedding Game

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Roll the Dice GameThe key to having a great wedding game is to keep it fun and simple for all of your guests. Having a game where your friends and family simply need to roll some dice keeps the environment very light and allows your guests to enjoy interacting with each while playing the game. The object of the “Roll the Dice” game is to encourage the bride and groom to kiss without the traditional tapping on wine glasses, or to have the other couples in attendance kiss if the hand of luck so determines. Below, we will lay out everything you need to know to have a perfect “Roll the Dice” game at your wedding that everyone will enjoy.

First, you will need to place a pair of dice at each table in your reception hall. If you’re like most couples, you probably have an overhead map or seating chart to visualize how many tables there will be at your venue in total. Once you have placed dice at each of your tables, you can have a bridesmaid or groomsman announce the game and instruct your guests on the rules. This type of game usually works best if it is played in between dances or meal courses. The rules to play a “Roll the Dice” game at your wedding are incredibly simple, and they go as follows:

  1. Ask your guests to pair up into groups of two at their tables, specifically people who are in a relationship or are comfortable kissing each other. This should be fairly easy, as there are certainly going to be an abundance of couples attending your wedding.
  2. Between dances or meal courses, instruct the pairs of guests to roll the dice.
  3. If the pair rolls an even number, the bride and groom are required to kiss as a result of the roll. If the number on the dice is odd, the couple who rolled is required to kiss.

By adding this fun and simple game to your reception celebration, you can turn a classic event into something in which all of your guests can participate; and all it requires is a pair of dice at each table.

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