DIY Sparkler Holders

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Sparkler Holder TemplatesBecause wedding sparklers are growing drastically in popularity, there are several soon-to-be brides that are interest in sparkler holder templates. The reason for this is because the standard wedding sparklers packaging is usually not a good fit for your wedding theme or décor, so making them a little more decorative can be a huge plus. The good news is that there are several free DIY sparkler holder templates available online for download, and they pretty much run the gambit as far as color options and styles.

Yu will find below a list of our favorite DIY sparkler holder templates that we have gone through the trouble of finding, organizing, and sharing. This list should have something for everyone, tackling nearly every color you can possibly be considering as an accent piece for your wedding celebration. Using the options below, we hope you can find the exact style of sparkler holder templates that will bring your wedding to the next level.

Light Blue Sparkler Holders
Blue Sparkler Holders
Dark Blue Sparkler Holders
Red Sparkler Holders
Pink Sparkler Holders
Hot Pink Sparkler Holders
Orange Sparkler Holders
Pastel Green Sparkler Holders
Green Sparkler Holders
Pastel Yellow Sparkler Holders
Yellow Sparkler Holders
Grey Sparkler Holders
Light Purple Sparkler Holders
Purple Sparkler Holders
Cool Brown Sparkler Holders
Warm Brown Sparkler Holders

As the list above indicates, the amount of free sparkler holder templates that are available is virtually limitless. With all these great styles and color choices, we hope you are able to find the perfect fit for your wedding without needing to compromise on beauty and elegance.

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