Do’s and Don’ts for a Stag Weekend Abroad

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Stag Weekend AbroadFun and rules don’t mix together. Rules are boring, fun is freedom. Rules are trying to keep you in one place, fun is enabling you to fly.

However, …

There is a ‘however’ here! When you travel to another country, you definitely must respect the rules and their culture. It’s not that hard, especially if you’re going to Europe, where, with few exceptions, there are the same general rules of good manners and legal stuff.

I know, travelling is freedom. It’s going to a place where you don’t belong and you feel that this status gives you the liberty to do anything. It’s not likely somebody might recognize you on the street or something.

That reason alone doesn’t mean you should behave inadequately.

What’s that got to do with the stag weekends, you might ask. Well, it has everything to do with them, believe it or not. Because stag parties tend to have some bad reputation all over Europe, and that matter needs to be discussed.

Stag weekend in Europe: why are European destinations an attraction for a stag do?

Originally, stag parties were the kind of fun that happened behind closed doors, a black-tie private ceremony. Nowadays, it’s pure fun, without restrictions and are generally celebrated outside the UK borders.

Of course, Europe is an attraction for stag weekends. Some stag destinations are cheaper, others are more expensive, but generally, stags prefer cities like Budapest, Bucharest, Prague or Krakow, or even exotic locations like those from Cyprus or Greece.

These are some of the most famed destinations for stag weekends, and for good reason: cheap prices, lots of booze, many gorgeous women, plenty fun and challenging activities to do.

What about the do’s and the don’ts then? Are there special restrictions for each and every country?

Well, not so much restrictions, but more of a “good manners” ballpark.

What are the do’s and don’ts for a stag weekend abroad?

There are no such things as do’s and don’ts, aside from the legal matters, of course. You should know that you should not smoke weed, unless you’re in a special place in Amsterdam. Anywhere else, according with the country’s laws, it’s illegal.

But we’re not going to talk about legal matters, because those are kind of obvious. We’re going to speak about manners. Let’s see a couple of things you should or should not do during a stag weekend:

  • Try not to disturb the peace of the city by being highly inebriated. Yes, drinking during a stag do is a must, but 6-7 guys reaching the point of alcoholic coma is not good news, not for you, not for the other people you might encounter
  • Don’t make obscene gestures to the other folks. Yes, you are a merry band, but on the street, there are people who do not take part on your little ceremony. Try and refrain from provoking them, because things might get ugly: you’re probably drunk, they are sober
  • Don’t hesitate to prank the stag. It’s tradition, so almost anything is permitted. You know the line you should not cross, but try to make everything in good fun, without hurting him or embarrassing him too much.
  • Do not destroy anything on pubs or the place you are staying. You might support the financial consequences and you will give a bad rep to the other groups of stag parties that will come after you
  • Listen to the local guide (if the company you booked assigned you one). He knows better and he is there to entertain you. If he or she says something is not permitted, do not try to do it anyway. It’s not going to end well
  • Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT let the stag have his way with foreign girls. Maybe he’s a handsome guy, maybe he had too much to drink and he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but you, the best man, and your other friends, should definitely stop him from doing he’s going to regret later. Don’t forget: you’re also celebrating his future marriage, so cheating during a stag do isn’t really the way to go. You can have plenty of the female touch during an act of striptease.

These are just a few things you should or should not do during a stag weekend abroad. Of course, there are many more, but the most important thing is to go and have fun. A local guide will certainly be very helpful, so if you want one, try Eventhuse.

The local guides for each and every destination are their trademark, and any question about the do’s and don’ts will be answered by these guides. Go to, and you will find more about planning a stag weekend in Europe with them.

Have fun and stay safe!

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