Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

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Jam as a Wedding FavorsMany couples are straying away from favors that could be considered ‘throw away favors’ by their guests and are going more towards favors that people can use. A popular trend in the past year that will be continuing into 2016 is making edible wedding favors. Whether you make your own or you order them from a company, your guests will be happy to have a little snack for the way home. Here are some ideas for great edible wedding favors you can give to your guests.

Honey or Jam

Not just for rustic weddings! Make your own jam or buy from a local farmer if you can to give these sweet treats to your guests. Decorate your jars with square pieces of fabric, tie with some twine and add a label with your wedding details. Guests will love the sweet treat.

Artisan Teas

You can find many sellers online that craft their own tea, and many of them can print the bags of loose leaf tea with your wedding information. You may also be able to find a local shop that sells loose leaf tea that you can buy in bulk and have a printer make up the bags for you. Choose different kinds to suit everyone’s different tastes, or go with a classic.


Your guests might have a little too much fun, but mini bottles of liquor can look elegant as favors when they are dressed up. If you are considering mini liquor bottles, buy plastic wine glasses or flutes and some confetti. Fill half of a plastic cup with the confetti and then add the liquor bottle before wrapping the package in cellophane and adorning with some ribbon and a tag with your wedding details.

Cookies or Muffins

Cookies and muffins are always a hit, so they make for an obvious wedding favor! Consider putting a few homemade cookies in a bag to leave at each of your wedding guests’ seats or a single jumbo muffin. You can even include a fun wedding-themed decoration such as a miniature cake topper to place in each muffin. That way, your guests won’t only get to eat their wedding favor at home, but they can also relive some of the magic that existed on your wedding day.

Recipes and Ingredients

Recipes and ingredients are a thoughtful gift that your guests will appreciate and it is one that comes from the heart if you have made the recipe yourself. If you have a dish you consider your ‘specialty’ and aren’t afraid to tell everyone your secret, print up recipe cards and add an ingredient or two and package it up nicely.

These are just a few ways to make your wedding favors into a delicious treat for your guests. There are plenty of other great edible wedding favor ideas that you can use, but these are the five I like the best. You need to keep in mind what people may or may not like or have allergies to when creating your edible wedding favors, but it’s well worth the effort when you see the smiling faces on your guests.

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