Enhancing Your Wedding Using Signs

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Wedding SignThere are so many ways that you can use signs to enhance your wedding. These days anything goes when giving a wedding that personal touch that each couple brings to their big day.

Signs don’t have to be limited to directing your guests to their seats or the dessert table. Creative uses for signs on your wedding day include making a sign out of your favorite hashtag, word or saying. Your guests will remember these signs much more than they would standard directional signs. Even a chalkboard with a meaningful quote written on it can be a way to enhance your wedding.

You and your partner can create signs for each other that say something about you as individuals. This could mean pointing out a quirk about your partner that you have always loved. There’s nothing like a little “inside joke” to make for a very charming sign at your ceremony or reception.

If you have a special cocktail crafted for your wedding reception, you can use a sign above the bar to tell your guests the name of the drink and the ingredients in it. To highlight song lyrics with meaning to you as a couple, paint or draw them on a sign and hang it near your DJ or band.

Even your flower girl or ring bearer can do double duty by carrying a sign down the aisle with a special message on it. This is a unique way to announce the arrival of the bride to the altar.

If you want your guests to take photos at your wedding reception and post them online you could include a sign on every table with the hashtag you want your guests to use when they post pictures from your wedding. Not only does this enhance your wedding it keeps your photos organized for later viewing.

To identify each food you serve at a dessert table or taco station, for example, you can create mini signs for each one. One creative idea is to purchase colored straws and use them to construct mini easels to hold your food signs.

While most couples have a paper program printed up for their wedding day there is no reason why this can’t be done with a sign instead. This is a more interesting and unique way to let your guests know the schedule for the day. Everyone can refer to the sign without having to worry about carrying a paper program around with them. You are also being more eco-friendly when you choose to write your wedding program on a large sign for everyone to see.

You can also use a sign to bid your guests adieu when the wedding and reception are over. This will leave a lasting impression and will ensure that none of your guests are overlooked. Writing a parting message to your guests on a sign allows you to be as creative as you want to be.


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