Finding Honeymoon Cruise Packages on a Budget

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Honeymoon Cruise PackagesFinding honeymoon cruise packages on a budget can be a bit daunting with so many different options available online these days. The massive onslaught of online booking websites has brought along a barrage of cruise packages ranging from extremely expensive to slightly cheaper. While some budgets allow for the best cabin on the very best cruise liners, other budgets may call for some type of compromise. This guide will help serve as assistance to those looking to balance the options and amenities they want while keeping everything within their budget.

Honeymoon Cruise Packages from a Travel Agent or Website

The best idea you can have when finding honeymoon cruise packages on a budget is to take your time and shop around. While it can very easy to be impulsive and go with the first deal that looks to be fair and within your price range, you may end up over paying or settling for less than your budget actually allows for. I recommend speaking to several travel agents, check all available booking websites and comparison sites, and even ask your friends who have gone on cruises themselves. You can even sign up through travel websites to receive email or text alerts when last minute cruise deals are available at discount rates. The more resources you tap, the better your chances are of finding those last minute deals that can end up saving you a bunch of money while providing an unforgettable honeymoon cruise experience.

Honeymoon Cruise Packages Directly from the Cruise Line

Many couples are not aware that you can actually avoid using a travel agent or website altogether when booking a honeymoon cruise. In fact, you can sometimes get the best deals by contacting the company who owns the cruise liner directly and avoid paying the additional fees tacked on by the agent or company that owns the booking website. Additionally, many of the companies have free upgrade packages or special onboard perks for people going on their honeymoon, which is something that only the cruise liner company is authorized to give away. Make sure to mention it is your honeymoon when contacting the cruise liner company directly if you want to see what deals are available, because there is nothing bragging about your honeymoon; especially if it garners special treatment.

Tips on Looking for Cheap Honeymoon Cruise Packages

Believe it or not, there are great ways to get a honeymoon cruise package on a budget without needing to compromise on quality or amenities. Below are some tips to think about when booking your ideal honeymoon cruise and staying within your budget:

Choosing Your Cabin: Usually when a cruise package has slipped into the “last minute deal” category, the cabins that are available are the least desirable because of poor quality or they are located in an inconvenient are of the ship.  While you can certainly save some money by taking whatever is available, it will likely be an interior cabin without any windows and very little luxury.

Included Options: You will want to know what is included with the price of your room and tickets for your honeymoon cruise before you get onboard. While some cruise packages include all your food and drink in the price, some “discount” packages require that you pay for one or both. Make sure you know what you are paying for before you book or it may not be as good of a deal as you had hoped.

Deals for your 1st Anniversary: Once you book your honeymoon cruise package, many cruise lines offer a really great discount on another cruise for your 1st anniversary. They might give you a voucher after you return from your honeymoon cruise, mail it to your home, or require you to call when you’re ready to book. Regardless of the details, you can get another really great cruise for a fraction of the price and it’s worth whatever trouble you need to go through.

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