Finding the Perfect Wedding Cufflinks

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Wedding CufflinksCufflinks are one of the accessories that a man wears at a wedding that tells you a lot about who they are. Though it seems like such a subtle piece of jewelry, cufflinks are one of the most popular ways that a man expresses themselves. This is true not only for the groom but also all of the groomsmen and male guests, and thus there are many fantastic cufflink options out there depending on how you like to present yourself.

While it’s true that most tuxedo rentals will include some form of generic cufflinks to wear, most men find that having a personalized set is much more appealing. There’s nothing that makes you stand out more than a pair of cufflinks that suit your style perfectly, and there are more options out there than you’ve probably ever imagined. Here are a few options you may not have considered to help you find the perfect wedding cufflinks for your upcoming event.

Initials and Photo CufflinksInitials and Photo

If you are a groom and want to sport a pair of sentimental cufflinks at your wedding, consider having a pair maid up with you and your fiancé’s initials as well as a photo of you together. One cufflink will have the first letter of each of your names while the other will have a photo of the two of you together. Some people like to add a little bit of humor by using a funny picture or a caricature, but you can just use one of your engagement photos if you want to keep things a little more serious.

Game Over CufflinksGame Over

If you want to do something more humorous with your cufflinks, then perhaps choosing a pair that says “game over” is more up your alley. Each of these cufflinks is adorned with an image of a bride and groom standing together with the words “game over” underneath to signify that you’re now attached and can no longer do the things that a bachelor is able to do. Just be cautious if you go this route; you’re fiancé must have a great sense of humor to pull this off or you need to be very discreet so that only your groomsmen are in on the joke.

NFL CufflinksNFL Teams

If you’re like most guys, then you’re probably passionate about your favorite NFL team. Many men eat, sleep, and breathe football, so having the support of your favorite team on your wrists while you’re saying your vows can be of great comfort for some of us. Fortunately, there is a complete selection of NFL cufflinks available so you can choose any team that you like. Whether your team is the Denver Broncos or the Minnesota Vikings, you can get the helmet of any NFL team that you wish on your cufflinks to wear at your wedding.

Best Man CufflinksBest Man

Lastly, there is one classic set of cufflinks that no wedding should be without, and that’s the ones that says “best man”. Most commonly, these are given by the groom to the best man as a gift right before the wedding, but sometimes a best man will take it upon himself to buy them to wear. The best man is able to wear their cufflinks proudly as a stamp of approval from the groom, and the groom is able to know that his stand-up guy is right there beside him for every step of his wedding day.

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