First Steps to Take When Planning a Wedding

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First Steps to Take When Planning a WeddingThe process of planning a wedding is extremely involved, yet there are certain steps that must be taken before any serious planning begins. The first three things a couple needs to decide are how casual or formal they want it to be, the size of the wedding party, and the number of desired guests. One factor in making these decisions is how much of a budget a couple has for their wedding. If you want even more in-depth information to help you decide on these factors, consider visiting a website like Your Wedding Guide that can provide additional inspiration and details.

In general, formal weddings often cost more than casual weddings because formal weddings call for a church venue and a separate venue for the reception. They also call for everything to be made professionally, so most formal weddings aren’t DIY.

A formal church wedding is conducted by an ordained minister or priest. It is not unusual for a casual wedding to be conducted by a friend or family member, and this is perfectly acceptable as long as the person is licensed to legally marry couples.

After determining if a formal or casual wedding is desired the next step a couple needs to take in their wedding planning is to decide on the size of the wedding party. While the bride and groom generally have the same number of attendants it is acceptable for one to have fewer than the other, if circumstances dictate. The bigger the wedding party is the more money will be spent on attendants, unless they agree to pay for their own dresses and tuxedos.

When the bride and groom have chosen their wedding party it is best to ensure that each person chosen is able and willing to do commit to being in the wedding. This gives the bride and groom one less thing to stress out about during the rest of the wedding planning.

Deciding on the guest list for a wedding can become one of the most stressful aspects of the process. Some couples limit their guest list to family and close friends, especially if the wedding is being planned on a strict budget. Other couples choose to make it an elaborate affair and invite hundreds of guests.

The reason that the guest list has to be determined before searching for a venue is that venues charge couples based on the number of guests expected at their wedding. Larger, upscale venues often won’t even accommodate a wedding with less than 150 guests.

The number of guests expected at a wedding is also a factor in how much a couple will spend catering their wedding. It also often affects whether couples choose to serve a sit down dinner at their reception or offer their guests a buffet instead. The size of the guest list also determines how large of a wedding cake is needed in order to ensure that each guest gets to leave with an equal sized slice.

These are the first three steps in planning any wedding and they are important steps. Couples will find that most subsequent wedding decisions are based on these steps.

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