“First to the Buffet” Wedding Reception Game

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Wedding Reception GameWhen it comes time to delegate which table gets to go first to the buffet at your wedding reception, you may think it’s a conventional process that doesn’t require any creativity. However, besides the head table always going first, you can use this as an opportunity to have some fun and get your guests in the spirit of enjoying the party. By creating a simple “first to the buffet” wedding reception game, you can turn an ordinary, and usually chaotic, part of your reception into a fun time for everyone.

There are a few different methods to playing this wedding reception game, and you can certainly use your own variations or methods to make the game your own. Below, we will go over a few of the most common methods.

Sticker Method

The first method is probably the simplest. Place a colored or numbered sticker under the flower centerpieces at each of the reception tables. When you are ready to begin serving your dinner, have the emcee or DJ announce one of the colors or numbers. You can have them just choose randomly, or they can pull them from a hat. Whichever table corresponds to what has been announced can proceed to the buffet line and begin eating.

Pick a Card Method

Just before serving dinner, have someone walk around to each table with a deck of cards and have the oldest person (or youngest) at the table choose a card. Once every table has selected a card, each table can go in order of highest to lowest card. If more than one table picks the same card, you can establish a hierarchy of which suit is higher than others. Though a bit more complicated than the sticker method, it is also more interactive and can be a really fun way to execute your “first to the buffet” wedding reception game.

Bingo Method

While this method requires the most preparation, it also is the most fun for everyone in the room. While there are several ways this can work, the easiest is to hand out bingo cards to each of your guests and instruct them that you will be playing “4 corners” bingo (least amount of work for whoever is checking numbers). Once you get your “4 corners” bingo, you get to go up to the reception buffet line. While this takes a little longer than calling full tables at a time, it really adds some fun and whimsy to your celebration.

No matter if you use one of the methods above, modify them, or come up with your own unique way of orchestrating it; creating a “first to the buffet” wedding reception game is a unique and exciting twist on serving your buffet-style reception dinner.

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