Great American Cities for Honeymoons

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Minneapolis WeddingWhen you imagine your picture-perfect honeymoon, you might think of lying on the beach in an island resort. Or perhaps you think of climbing the Eiffel Tower, visiting the Coliseum, or touring the great museums in London. But you don’t have to go halfway around the world to find a perfect honeymoon destination. Here are four great American cities to visit, each with a must-visit attraction for a new couple.

New York City

Of course New York City is at the top of any list of American cities to visit. There’s so much to do and see, you could spend a week and not even make a dent in all the options. For our money, though, you can’t go wrong spending a day–or even two–at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You’ll see great works of art by some of the best-known artists in history. You’ll see arms and armor from a dozen different cultures–including two suits of armor worn by Henry the VIIIth. From ancient Egyptian sarcophagi to a huge Tiffany glass window, a day at the Met is a day spent immersed in history and beauty.


Okay, so you don’t want to go to Minneapolis in January. Or February. Or probably all of March. But from mid-May to mid-September, Minneapolis is a paradise. It just doesn’t get the press of bigger cities like New York and Chicago. There are several lakes with beautiful beaches right in the middle of the city. There are theaters with Broadway-quality productions at a fraction of Broadway prices. There’s a network of bike and walking paths around the city to explore. Our favorite part of Minneapolis, though, is the sculpture garden next to the Walker Art museum. You can get lost wandering through hedges with velvety green grass underfoot, looking at fantastic works of art. Make sure to get your picture taken by the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture, which doubles as a fountain in warm weather. And don’t forget to visit the greenhouse to see a huge glass sculpture made by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.


Chicago has a fantastic vibe you don’t get from any other city. The El-train can take you around to the sights without having to mess with parking a car, and there are plenty of tourist destinations like the enormous Shedd Aquarium. But one of the greatest things about Chicago is the diversity and beauty of the skyscrapers that make up the downtown area. You can take an architecture tour by boat, which goes straight through downtown, with a tour guide that talks about all of the buildings’ histories. It might sound boring, but it’s absolutely fascinating. You get great views, intriguing stories, and a few hours on the water.

St. Louis

St. Louis is an overlooked jewel of a city. It has an enormous zoo, a kickin’ downtown area, and a great waterfront anchored by the St. Louis Arch (just skip going up inside the arch–it’s cramped and smelly, and the only view is of the ground right underneath). The coolest thing in St. Louis by far is the City Museum. It’s a four-story warehouse building owned by an artist collective who have filled it with interactive sculpture. The basement levels are made to look like caves, riddled with tunnels and surprises. The ground floor looks like a giant tree with branches to climb. The second floor has an old refurbished skate park and a little aquarium. It’s–well, it’s hard to describe. It’s an adult-sized playground full of tunnels to go through, ladders to climb, and slides to slide down. It’s a work of art you walk, climb, and crawl on. It’s a good place to get a skinned knee and a bruise or two while having the time of your life.

No one’s going to begrudge you those white-sand beaches or that hotel by the Arc du Triomphe, if that’s what you’re into. But you can have a real adventure and a great honeymoon without even getting a passport. Any of these great American cities will provide a wonderful adventure for you and your new spouse.

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