How I Organized My Wedding

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Wedding in a ParkWedding day is one of the most important days in any woman’s life, and it was no different for me. We dream about this day since we are little girls, and we want it to be the fairytale version we have always pictured in our minds.

However, wedding organization is usually a massive load of work that takes time, effort, patience and some stress management skills. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I wanted everything to turn out perfect, just for the sake of that little girl in me having her dream come true: starting a new chapter with the love of her life. We both deserved a perfect start into this journey of marriage, and this is what I did to make it happen.

Make Time

We gave ourselves more than enough time to plan for our wedding, a little over a year. We started well in advance, and made a 12 month wedding plan concerning all the things we needed to do.

Build a Budget

It was a smart move as far as finances are concerned since we had the time to save and draw up a budget. It gave us more freedom to choose what we really wanted.

Have a Vision

We envisioned our perfect wedding together and then worked to make it so, rather than checking for what was on offer and accepting something that fit our budget. In that way, we personalized the experience, it was arranged in such a way that it was meaningful to the two of us, as it should have been, it was the continuation of our love story.

Wedding Dress Twirling

Make it Meaningful

For example, we decided to get married in the same park where we had our first kiss. Luckily, the location is beautiful and full of flowers and there is a small lake and a chic little restaurant secluded in tall trees. It’s not luxurious, but it’s nice and it’s meaningful to us, so we had our reception there. We also had our photo shoot there, at the same place we first fell in love with each other.

It Can be Perfect

Bridal ShoesI applied the same concept to building my bridal look. My husband has always bought me flowers, and they were not the usual kinds like roses. He bought me lily and jasmine flowers since he thought I was special like them. As I went around looking for my wedding dress, it occurred to me I might as well get a plain satin dress, and have a lace overlay made, patterned with lily flowers. I actually managed to find it and have it made. I needed some accessories as well, and it took a while to find something that reflected our love. I finally found what I was looking for at The White Collection online shop. Most magically, they had bridal shoes with jasmine flower metal decorations on the heels, and I also found hair combs and hair pins with the similar kind of flower – in silver! It was just perfect for me.

Once these pieces fell into place like that, we had a feeling everything was as it was meant to be and the other, more mundane aspects of wedding organizations were a breeze and we felt no stress at all. It was just more magic revealing itself in front of our eyes. So yes, it can be perfect, and you deserve no less than perfect!

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