How to Choose Your Wedding Reception Venue

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Choose Your Reception VenueThey key thing to remember when thinking of how to choose your wedding reception venue is that this is the place where most of your wedding activities will happen. While you as a bride are undoubtedly more interested in the ceremony itself, the reception is the impression that you will leave on those in attendance. Remember that the reception venue needs to have enough space handle activities such as eating, dancing, socializing, and anything else your guests may want to enjoy.

A common choice is an all-inclusive location such as a hotel or banquet halls because everything you need is right there onsite. Some of these locations even go the extra mile by including a wedding planner, caterers, bartenders, or other helpful and cost-effective parts of the reception. Also, having the hotel right there will eliminate anyone holding back on the celebration since they don’t have to drive home.

It is also a really great idea to choose your wedding reception venue at the earliest possible stage of planning. Everything from the location, style, and natural decorations of the reception venue can play a big role in other aspects of your planning. Things like your wedding theme and color choices may hinge completely on that space, as well as the amount of guests you are able to invite. Having a formal wedding at a rustic cabin, for instance, may not be a great idea. Conversely, having a beach themed wedding at a five star hotel is also not a realistic idea.

Another thing to keep in mind is your wedding budget. Once you choose your wedding reception venue, you will likely need to make a down payment to reserve the space. This means that valuable cash will leave your pocket, and the date of your wedding is essentially set in stone. Now the clock is ticking. Having all the details of your caterers and wedding theme in advance can be of great value to save your sanity.

In the end, when you’re contemplating how to choose your wedding reception venue, just make sure your taking into account all the little details that can easily slip your mind. Focus on the size of your wedding, the theme of your wedding, and the type of impression you’re hoping to leave on your guests. If you take your time and are thoughtful of your planning, everything should come together nicely with limited stress.

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