Make Your Own Wedding Sparklers Centerpieces

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One of the most important things your guests will see at your wedding is your reception table centerpieces. By adding some sparklers to an ordinary vase, you can create a centerpiece that is both beautiful and also functional. Your guests will love being able to use the wedding sparklers for your grand exit or sendoff line, which means you can get some of your favor purchases out of the way at the same time.

VaseStep One – The Vases

The first thing you need to do is find some vases for your centerpieces. You can usually find some for fairly cheap, otherwise you can certainly use some champagne flutes or large fancy glasses. If you are going for a “shabby chic” or rustic style wedding, mason jars can do the job nicely as well. Optionally, you can decorate the outside of the vases or glasses using glass paint and ribbons, which we will discuss in Step Four, or even purchase custom printed vases or glasses for this very purpose.

Wedding SparklersStep Two – The Sparklers

Next, you will need some wedding sparklers. Depending on the size of your vases or glasses, I recommend 10″ wedding sparklers or 20″ wedding sparklers so that they fit inside the receptacle nicely. You don’t want too much of the sparklers sticking up over the top of the vase, so try to choose the size that makes sense. This is also a good reason to pick out your glasses or vases before you choose your wedding sparklers.

Step Three – Assembly

Place the wedding sparklers inside your vases. a good rule to determine the amount of sparklers to put in each vase is at least one for every person st the table. You may also want to put something in the vases to give them some weight and prevent them from tipping over. Dragon tears or other decorate stones work nicely, but I like to use hard candy as an extra treat for the guests. I also like to mix in some other items like baby’s breath or wooden roses to fill out the centerpiece a little more.

CenterpiecesStep Four – Decorating the Centerpieces

Now that the wedding sparklers centerpieces are fully assembled, it’s time to decorate the vases a little bit. I like to wrap the lip of the vase with some ribbon and a bow, and usually add a drop of hot glue to keep things in place. I also like to put some artwork on the vase as well. Using some glass paint, you can add a simple heart or your names to give it that romantic touch. You may also want to put a place card on the table to tell your guests when to use the wedding sparklers, or you can put a little tag on each of the sparklers. The best thing to do is to be creative and let your imagination go wild!

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