Non-Traditional Wedding Reception Ideas

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Wedding ReceptionMany couples are shying away from the traditional wedding receptions and creating their own unique experience. This includes everything from a Sunday wedding with a brunch reception to an informal cocktail reception, which can lead to a faster paced experience than a traditional reception. These are often less stressful receptions to plan and can be easier on your budget.

For an even more low key and affordable reception, if you don’t want to serve your guests cocktails you can have a cake and punch/champagne and cake wedding reception. They can double as your dessert, saving you money on an expensive cake.

To bring a British feel to your reception consider making it a High Tea. This is a great alternative to a more fast paced reception and gives you a good excuse to avoid serving alcohol if that is your preference.

One non-traditional idea that some couples prefer is the pot-luck wedding reception. This is the ideal choice if you have a small budget for your wedding and you have friends and family that won’t mind bringing dishes. Many couples will serve dishes that have been made in their family for generations. A pot-luck dinner is one way to personalize your wedding reception so that it represents both families.

Since the traditional wedding reception involves dancing you are holding a non-traditional one if you do not provide a dance floor and DJ or band. However, this is something that some couples have at least considered doing. Many don’t want the pressure of having to dance in front of everyone they love and others fear their guests won’t be interested. You know the predilections of the guests you are inviting to your wedding and if they would prefer not to dance, wasting time and money on providing it is pointless for everyone involved.

Some couples are choosing to shake up their wedding reception by doing things out of the typical order. For example, rather than having dinner served later in the reception some couples are choosing to serve it first. This prevents your guests from going hungry during parts of your reception such as the first dance or cake cutting. It is even becoming more common for couples to save their first dance until right before the end of the reception.

Though in the past couples generally planned their own wedding reception these days many couples are seeking the assistance of just the right friends to help in the planning. If you know your guests are non-traditional and modern you may even be able to get them to embrace the idea of a wedding reception done like no other.

There are so many choices that you can make when it comes to a non-traditional wedding reception that it can be a huge relief to avoid planning one with all the traditions past generations adhered to. Your wedding reception should be a unique celebration of your relationship with your new spouse and makes non-traditional ideas more appealing.

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