Planning a Perfect Beach Wedding

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Beach WeddingBeach weddings are one of the most desirable types of wedding to have because of the beauty, serenity, and absolute adventure they offer. When planning a perfect beach wedding, it can be very easy to let the costs get way out of control and deplete you entire wedding budget on simple things like travel. However, there are several affordable ways to get the most out of your beach wedding without spending an arm and a leg just to have your ceremony while maintaining all the benefits that a beach location can offer your magical day.

1 – Location

Location can be a vital part of saving money on your dream beach wedding. There are literally hundreds of great beaches to have your ceremony in the United States alone, so knowing what to look for can mean the difference between expensive and affordable. One simple way to take advantage of location is to choose a public beach. This will allow you to have your ceremony for virtually free, while still having the beautiful ocean as the backdrop for exchanging your vows.

However, if you choose a public beach, be sure to get acquainted with local regulations and guidelines. Certain things such as bonfires, fireworks, and live music may require a permit; which can put a damper on your whole event if you don’t acquire the proper paperwork. You could even get a major fine if you’re not careful, which would really add some unnecessary expenses to the labor you’ve put into planning a perfect beach wedding.

2 – Time of Year

Selecting the perfect time of year for your beach wedding is also a great way to keep things on budget. By having your wedding during the off-season, you can cut down on the risk of crowded beaches and other wedding ceremonies conflicting with your schedule. This is particularly valuable if you are having your wedding on a public beach because they tend to be very busy during peak season. One important thing to note, however, is that you don’t want to have your wedding during the time of year when weather will be a factor. By studying up on the average weather patterns for the beach you are interested in using for your wedding, you can choose the perfect balance between a non-crowded beach and excellent weather for your special day.

3 – Appropriate Wedding Favors

Another huge money-saving area can be something as simple as your wedding favors. Since many beach weddings are also destination weddings, you will likely have guests coming from many regions to witness your ceremony. This can be a perfect opportunity to put together some beach-style welcome bags for each of your guests, which will make their experience better and save you some money versus having several types of other wedding favors at your ceremony.

Destination wedding welcome bags will typically consist of things that your guests may not have remembered to pack or overlooked in their own planning. For a beach-style bag, you might consider things like sunscreen, beach towels, or even small trinkets such as seashells. By being thoughtful and creative, you can save some money and really improve your guests’ experience when planning a perfect beach wedding.


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