Planning an Unconventional Wedding

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Wedding Aisle RunnerThere is nothing like an unconventional wedding to help a couple make a splash and enjoy their big day in a unique manner. Unconventional ideas are being increasingly embraced by couples planning the wedding of their dreams.

By far the simplest way to make your wedding a little unusual is to choose a wedding venue that most people wouldn’t ever consider. Consider something like an aquarium or space camp if you want to leave your guests scratching their heads. While choosing an unconventional wedding venue may seem a little bit strange to your guests, if you put it together just right they will have the time of their lives.

While convention states that the aisle runner in your wedding ceremony venue be elegant yet simple, some couples are jazzing theirs up by personalizing them. Your very own aisle runner can be altered to include an inspirational quote that has meaning to you or the message you and your partner want to share with each other on the day you pledge your lives to each other.

The aisle runner is the least of the ways in which you can turn your wedding into an unconventional one. Though past generations often had formal sit down dinners served at their wedding reception, you can be unconventional but still have a blast and feed your guests well by booking one or several food trucks. Virtually any cuisine can be cooked and served in a food truck these days and many of them specialize in desserts. For example, an ice cream truck at your wedding reception allows everyone to enjoy a sweet treat and avoids the need for a dessert table.

Most newlyweds are eager to seek advice from those who are already married. One of the best, albeit unconventional ways to do so, is to provide guest book advice cards. When guests sign the book they also have the opportunity to leave a little tidbit of advice. To go even more unconventional you can forgo the guest book all together and instead request that your wedding guests help create a video book. By videotaping their messages to and advice for you, not only do you avoid having to read through everyone’s comments you have a video you can watch for years to come.

Don’t be afraid to plan your wedding based on an unconventional theme. Some of the most interesting wedding themes are based on very unconventional concepts, and usually they are the most memorable weddings. As long as the theme makes you and your partner happy without offending anyone in attendance you are making the right choice. It is not unusual for literary couples to use their favorite book as the theme for their wedding. This includes Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Other couples may choose a Star Wars theme or even a Harry Potter theme. These unconventional themes often make wedding planning much more enjoyable.

Depending on exactly how unconventional your wedding really is, you may choose not to enforce a dress code for your attendants. Stuffy expensive bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen’s tuxes are often an expense that no one appreciates and can actually make your wedding day less enjoyable for the people who are standing up for you. Allowing bridesmaids and groomsmen to avoid the traditional wedding wear may be unconventional but it is becoming an option more frequently chosen by engaged couples.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can plan an unconventional wedding. Only you can decide what you want for your big day, but you should never be afraid to do something unusual and special to make it unique and memorable.

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