The Summer Wedding Jewellery Guide

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Summer Wedding JewelryIt is summer, which means two things: beautiful weather and the start of the wedding season! Whether you’re getting married this year, involved in the ceremony as a bride, or just a guest attending the wedding – you are going to want to make sure that you are looking your best! There are a number of popular jewellery trends which will look great this season, some of which are listed below!

The Bride

On the wedding day, the bride is always the most popular person and the centre of attention (and rightly so!). If you are a bride who considers themselves to be on-trend and chic, then a great choice this season can be to follow the popularity of the choker. The choker was a piece of jewellery which was originally big in the 90’s, but over the past couple of years the choker has come back with a bang! You can get your hands on one in a variety of styles, but as the bride it will be a good idea to go something fancier such as a vintage or a pearl piece.


As the bridesmaid, it is likely that the bride would have come up with a theme for how she wants you to dress. The main thing to remember is that you should keep your jewellery simple and subtle, which ensures the bride is the centre of attention. Therefore, the advice would be to go with something which goes with the colour theme chosen, a safe option can always be to go with a gold necklace and earrings to match.

The Guest

As a guest, you usually have a fairly open field in terms of what you wear to the wedding. The traditional wedding outfit is a nice dress, and for the summer it is best to go with something floral which has shades of pink or blue. It is best to match this type of clothing with silver jewellery, and pieces which can make a subtle statement are Thomas Sabo bracelets, which look fantastic when teamed with some stacked finger rings.

Statement Pieces

One of the biggest jewellery trends this summer are statement pieces, and these can be worn whether you are the bride, bridesmaid or a guest. The most popular statement piece which will look great as part of a wedding attire are the ring-to-wrist collections. These are made with some beautiful detailing, and will be sure to add some great sparkle to your outfit.

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