Top 5 Uses for Engagement Photography

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Uses for Engagement PhotosEngagement photography has become an extremely popular practice throughout the UK. But you may be interested to know exactly what you can do with your engagement photos after they are taken!

While engagement photos make for nice keepsakes for the future of your marriage and your family you may be interested in learning about some creative ways that you can use these photos pre-wedding. Shared by a Yorkshire wedding photographer Ufniak Photography, here are some top photography products that you should use your engagement photography with.

1. Wedding Invitations

Including engagement photography in your wedding invitations is an excellent choice. Professional printers can often create wedding invitations, engagement party invitations and save the date print materials that you can mail out to get people really excited about your wedding. You may also want to consider getting official wedding stationery that you can use for writing thank you letters and more. Including a small letterhead that includes black and white image of your engagement photos can really celebrate the future wedding with every correspondence you have.

2. Engagement Album

While many couples are quick to break out an official wedding album, having a pre-wedding engagement album can really help you to get excited for your special day as well as have something beautiful to share during the bridal shower/engagement party.

3. Engagement Slideshow

Engagement slideshow is a great way to present your pre-wedding photos in a form of a shareable online video. You may also want to display it on a blank wall or a large projection screen during your reception.

4. Photography Gifts

Gifts like a keepsake box you can give to your parents or even a printed mug with your engagement photography can make for wonderful gifts for family members. These extra gifts will be keepsakes that they can hold onto for a very long time and they can be a wonderful way that you can celebrate your engagement.

5. Framed Prints for your Partner

A wonderful gift you can give for your partner might be picking out your favorite of the engagement photos taken before your wedding. You can get an inscribed photo frame or even write a message on the back of the photo for them to find later!

Keep these top uses in mind for all of your engagement photography.

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