Using Postcards for your Wedding Invitations

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Utah invitations and announcements imageWedding invitations are a very personal thing, and there are plenty of great ideas out there for what to send your guests. Many couples go the traditional route with card-style wedding invitations along with a separate “save the date” card, but more and more couples are choosing to go with a postcard for their invitations instead. Postcards can be an elegant way to invite your friends to your wedding, and there are all sorts of versatile things you can do with them.

Different Styles

Creating a customized postcard gives you a lot of flexibility, so there are many different styles you can choose. Most companies that offer these services specialize in greeting cards, but the design can easily be tweaked for use as wedding invitations. You can order your greeting cards online, choose from a wide variety of different templates to get things started, and then have them changed to suit your needs. Your customized card can be anything from an engagement photo with your wedding info on the back to a stylized faux postcard to make it seem like it was sent from France or any other country, so the sky is the limit.

Order Them Online

The easiest route to take is to simply order your wedding invitations online. they will take care of everything, and you will get an amazing product. Best of all, you can have them customized based on where you are having your wedding. Let’s say you want to have your wedding in a specific state such as Utah. You can simply order Utah invitations and announcements from a company online and have them shipped right out. Having your invitations customized to a specific state or geographical region will really make them stand out!

Make Them Yourself

To make things exactly as you envision them and to keep costs down, consider using an app to create your wedding invitations from your very own phone. There are many great options available, and most of them allow you to design and order your custom cards. Best of all, you can send out your wedding postcards right from the app so you don’t need to stuff or lick a single envelope, and you can save yourself the hassle of making a trip to your local post office. Designing your own wedding postcard is by far the easiest and most customizable way to get the style that you want delivered to the mailboxes of your guests.

Cost Effective

There are a lot of costs involved when sending traditional style wedding invitations to your guests, and it can end up being quite costly when you add everything up. Consider the cost of card stock paper, envelopes, printing; everything that goes into it. And then consider the cost to have your invitations designed and printed. Some traditional wedding invitations can cost upwards of $10 each, and that’s a hefty sum if you’re inviting 200 or more people to your big day. By creating a customized postcard, everything is cheaper; especially if you design it yourself using the aforementioned apps! You can send a customized postcard while saving a ton of time in the process, so it’s really a win for everyone.

With the proper design and layout, a wedding postcard can be the perfect way to send invitations to your wedding guests. When you consider how affordable, versatile, and simple it is to send a customized postcard to your guests, it really is the smartest option out there. Having the ability to customize it to a specific state such as Utah makes things even better. Though some couples will always default to the traditional style of wedding invitations, using postcards for your wedding invitations is a great way to do it differently.

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