Wedding Album Design

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Wedding Album DesignAside from the photography, wedding album design is the most important ingredient to the perfect wedding album design.

There are two primary wedding album design styles:

Classic Album Design – This design style uses black or white backgrounds. Thin pin line frames are often used around the images. White backgrounds tend to be more popular than black, but some weddings show great using black backgrounds. The background colors are generally kept the same throughout the album.

Modern Album Design – This design style uses image backdrops for the pages. These designs use fading and effects to guide the viewer’s eyes through the story of the day.

A good album designer can take your images and turn them into a story that you and your family will cherish for generations.

While there are now tools that can help you design your album yourself, it is not as easy as it looks! An elegant and timeless wedding album design comes only from the hand of a designer with years of experience.

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So, first find a great photographer. Then find a great wedding album designer. Finally, find a great wedding album company to make your perfect wedding album.

Then, cherish your marriage and your wedding album!

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